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Pass on the PPE

PPE is widely used across many industries in the UK, now isn’t the time to have it sitting in store rooms. We encourage everyone to check what you have and if you can spare it or afford to, donate it or lend it to those that need it the most; our heroic key workers, putting themselves at risk to keep us safe. 

The rousing cheers for our NHS and key workers across the country last night was heartwarming to hear and a sound which touched us all at TSG Marine. Our team want to do more to help. 

We have checked our records and we had a number of PPE assets to donate which may be beneficial to people on the front line, it’s a small contribution that we are honoured to make. We’ve identified a number of NHS contacts and local groups which are supporting the vulnerable and in need of PPE,  we’ve passed on range of items including chemical protection suits, paper coveralls, overshoes and contact safety gloves which may be helpful. We’d urge others in our industry and across the UK to check your stores and see if you have anything which can help the fight, let’s work together to get protection to those putting their own health on the line for us.

Our stores are used to house supplies from previous projects and campaigns and it's amazing how much you collect, we've donated over 30 boxes of PPE equipment to the NHS and local charities. 

We're not the first to dig into our stores and donate what we have, it's great to see the industry really starting to come together and support. 

What's needed?

We've all seen the cries for help from front line workers, and we'd recommend that you detail in full what you have including any technical sheets and product numbers so procurement can ensure that it's suitable to be used.

The government has an updated statement on appropriate PPE so it's worth checking the latest information: 

After speaking to the contacts we've donated to we'd always encourage businesses to speak to procurement teams to check suitability and arrange an appropriate drop off with a receipt provided for what you've donated. 

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