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Walk-to-Work Vessel Evaluation, Common Sense or Justified Decisions?

 In the past, decisions for the configuration and planning of walk-to-work campaigns were often carried out according to mutual understanding, experience and risk avoidance, however the effects of some decisions were never quantified as time and resources were often unavailable. TSG Marine now offer swift evaluation of walk-to-work vessels to ensure a successful walk-to-work campaign.

 Having developed an in-house program to quickly assess a walk-to-work vessel, TSG Marine can estimate the likely performance of any vessel and gangway configuration option, including project parameters such as;

• Available vessel heading options;

• Optimum heading identification;

• Limiting to drift-off scenarios only;

• Site specific environmental conditions for proposed project period(s).

Each evaluation carried out is bespoke to the client, with an impartial view on all possible options based on data provided from third parties, such as vessel owners or designers, gangway suppliers and environmental weather data (i.e. Met Office). TSG Marine endeavour to ensure the data manipulated for the evaluation is true and comparable to other market options.

The evaluation tool has been developed to meet the needs of anyone involved in a walk-to-work campaign, be it an offshore oil and gas major, vessel owner/manager, ship broker, gangway supplier or consultant. Results are provided in a clear, consistent and compact format, providing evident operability differences, and the sensitivity of project decisions, and possible improvement methods.

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