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The World's First Autonomous Gangway

On the 28thAugust, at the Uptime Gangway Day 2019, Uptime International presented and demonstrated what they claim is the world’s first autonomous gangway. The demonstration showcased the gangway’s push-on landing, automatic slip-off detection and self-learning functionalities to a number of offshore professionals and vessel owners; with the gangway carrying out several landings ‘without human hands’.

The 30m heave motion-compensated gangway is billed as being able to detect and land on a landing platform/area automatically, without any human interaction, minimising the possibility for human error when working on marine access operations. The use of 2D and 3D camera’s working simultaneously allows for the landing system to measure distance and detect landing areas. The landing system is set up to ask the operator for confirmation of the landing area and the system is designed to use this as a reference in a pattern recognition programme to automatically distinguish potential landing areas in the future.

The gangway is designed to follow the landing point if any motion is detected and the automatic slip-off detection should immediately stop and retract the gangway, without any forward jump, if slip-off is detected. This is intended to protect any assets from being damaged and will also work to keep workers safe if slip-off was to occur during a landing operation. 

The gangway incorporates AI to learn from past operations, so the more landing exercises the gangway carries out the more it will learn and the better it should perform. 

The gangway has been designed to have an added crane function, intended to lift 2-4 tonnes depending on the environment. The crane mode and transfer mode cannot be operated at the same time, but allegedly the gangway is easily switched between the two modes without any hardware change. 

It has been said that the gangway will improve operability and safety during marine access operations, even in rough conditions. If the gangway can deliver what has been promised, then it could be a game changer for the offshore sector.

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