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TSG Recognised in Parlimentary Review

Marine Access is a key supporting industry to the offshore energy sector. While all the players within the industry are focused on providing safe operations that deliver value through the return on client investment, it is accepted that there is a lack of agreed best practice.

We are delighted to take part in the 2020 Parliamentary Review as a Best Practice Representative to highlight the collaborative work that is taking place within our industry to develop and formalise industrywide standards. These standards will be of particular interest to the Renewables Sector due to the dominance of vessel-based Marine Access, during both the construction and ongoing operations and maintenance of windfarms such as Dogger Bank.

You can read the official press release and our article featured in The Parliamentary Review below. 

Featuring exclusive commentary from a range of esteemed politicians and journalists, The Parliamentary Review aims to share the insight of businesses, educators and policymakers alike. Founded with The Rt Hon David Curry as chief editor, and chaired by Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, the Review provides a unique take on the UK economy by working with a range of organisations across a vast array of industry sectors.

Success for businesses of any size does not always come easily, and this year's edition of The Parliamentary Review is indispensable for anyone who seeks to make a name for themselves in industry. It highlights significant developments and concerns for business leaders up and down the country.

The co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review, Lord Pickles, has praised the upcoming Review as one of the most comprehensive yet. He commented that as Britain undergoes changes, it is “essential that politicians have a firm understanding of the challenges with which British organisations must contend” and that The Review once again provides a perfect platform for this.

In her foreword for The Parliamentary Review, the Secretary of State for International Trade, Elizabeth Truss, states that “commerce and free exchange are the engine room of prosperity and social mobility” and that she is “determined to tackle the forces who want to hold that back”.

TSG Marine’s article can be viewed here:

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