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A Walk to Work First for AkerBP

When you're doing something for the first time it pays to have the experts involved. 

TSG Marine are delighted to have supported AkerBP with their first Walk to Work transfer of personnel as part of the hook up phase of Valhall Flank West. Hook up started on the 20th June with personnel mobilising on the 19th June in Stavanger. The teams crossed to the platform via a walkway on the Normand Jarstein vessel.

Around 100 personnel were accommodated on the Normand Jarstein and utilised the Walk to Work platform to give over 1300 crossings over the course of this hook-up phase over 9 days. With over 50 connections to the wellhead platform and no system failures AkerBP are delighted with the results.

“Use of the W2W vessel has allowed us to increase the number of people working on the unmanned platform in this phase of the hook-up operation, compared with what would have been the case if we had to rely on helicopters to transport the personnel,” said project manager Michael Bible for Valhall Flank West.

“We have thus completed the campaign in a safe, predictable, fast and cost-effective manner, as compared with using helicopters. All work has been delivered according to plan and feedback from our personnel is that they too have experienced W2W as a safe and efficient work method.”

The successful project is the first towards supporting AkerBPs goal to utilise walk to work as an established practice for Marine Access on unmanned platforms. Bringing personnel, equipment and accommodation to its platforms on the Norwegian Shelf, safely and cost-effectively. 

AkerBP have announced that production start-up from Valhall Flank West is planned in the fourth quarter of 2019.

You can read more about AkerBP and the development of Valhall Flank West at

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