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Z-Bridge B2W Concept

Z-bridge have just recently completed the fabrication and assembly of the steel work on their new B2W (Bring-to-Work) system, under the supervision of Bureau Veritas at SEW Oil & Gas. The plan is to now start working on the integration of the hydraulic and control systems and upon completion, the B2W system will be fully tested onshore. The B2W design is then to be mobilised onto a vessel for sea trails, after third party inspection, and will be tested in ‘actual working environments’, this is expected to be carried out in the final quarter of the year.

Z-bridge’s B2W design

Z-bridge’s B2W design

Z-bridge’s B2W design is intended to be a lightweight and efficient access system with the objective of optimising visit times by transporting a small team of up to six persons in one transfer, in an elevator type cage. The B2W system is said to have direct access from the vessel’s deck to the offshore structure, with a designed elevation range of +6m to +22m LAT (lowest astronomical tide). This should allow for the marine access operation to use existing landing points and platforms and should also remove the need for extra access structures/assets to be fitted to the deck of the vessel or landing platform.

The B2W design is supposed to come in at 19.5 tonnes with a small footprint, allowing for smaller SOV’s and larger CTV’s to carry out the marine access operation.  This creates an opening for new vessels to enter in the offshore marine access sector and could allow marine access operations to become even more cost efficient. 

This system is also intended to offer the option of being deployed as a 3D motion compensated crane, capable of hosting up to 3 tonnes, potentially making the B2W concept suitable for installation and commissioning operations. 

For more information on the Z-Bridge design please see the following links:

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