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A Christmas Walk to Work

During an installation program for a fixed platform in the North Sea, our client experienced a problem which required “Walk to Work” (W2W) support at very short notice. Despite the client’s request for assistance being received on 22 December, TSG Marine’s extensive experience of W2W and ability to react quickly ensured a vessel was mobilised ready to commence W2W operations in just over two weeks.

Firstly, TSG Marine assisted the client with vessel selection by identifying an available vessel that had been mobilised by TSG Marine for a previous W2W project. This reduced the engineering design work required prior to mobilisation and enabled the classification approvals to be received in the shortest timeframe possible.

Mobilisation commenced on 4 January 2014. Due to the time of year, a small weather window had been identified the following week to complete the operationally critical task. TSG Marine’s equipment is all built under survey and designed with rapid mobilisation in mind. Therefore, TSG Marine was able to complete the mobilisation in 48 hours (including class approval) guaranteeing that the vital opportunity to complete the work scope was not lost.   

The ability of TSG Marine to deliver an integrated W2W package was essential to the successful outcome of the project. In addition to overall project management, vessel selection, design, engineering, mobilisation and demobilisation assistance TSG Marine also supplied additional W2W services. These included support to produce the documents and procedures necessary for the W2W operations, provision of an experienced W2W representative to manage the offshore aspect of the project (induction briefings, POB control and HSE support) and provision of the required W2W safety equipment (radios, lifejackets, personal locator beacons and associated tracking units).

Upon successful completion of the W2W operation TSG Marine demobilised the vessel to a class approved standard in 24 hours.

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