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Two Gangways, One Vessel

 TSG Marine were approached by a client to assist with a “Walk to Work” (W2W) project. The work scope for which W2W operations were required was essential and therefore maximum connectivity of the W2W gangway was critical. The answer was to fit two W2W gangways to the same vessel; a solution that had not been tried before.

The two gangway systems were positioned on the port side of the vessel, with the smaller gangway acting as a redundancy for the larger gangway. The connection height required was 23 metres.

TSG Marine provided and installed a class approved platform to fit the smaller gangway above the ROV winch house.

The larger gangway needed to be fitted to the main deck. However, in order to reach the required connection height it had to be lifted 7 metres. TSG Marine designed and built the 100 tonne class approved supporting structure needed to achieve this elevation in 60 days.

TSG Marine also installed strain gauging equipment into the supporting structure to ensure that information on the forces applied during the W2W campaign were captured.

In addition to overall project management, design and engineering assistance, TSG Marine also supplied additional support services as part of an integrated W2W package. This included assistance to produce the documents and procedures necessary for the W2W operations, provision of experienced W2W representatives to manage the offshore aspect of the project and equipping the vessel with W2W safety equipment (radios, lifejackets, personal locator beacons and associated tracking units).

This project was regarded as a huge success, with record breaking results for the connection uptime and personnel transfers made during the 6 month North Sea campaign.

Weight on Deck: 335 tonne

Time Offshore: 6 months

Connection Uptime: 94 %

Number of Transfers: 16702

LTIs Recorded: 0

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