Marine Engineering Services

Marine Access projects require the right people, in the right place and at the right time. However, also crucial to any offshore work scope is having the right materials and equipment to complete the work that needs to be done.

Over the years our expertise in Walk to Work has grown to include a specialism in the rapid mobilisation of equipment and materials to vessels. This development addressed our acute awareness that often in projects requiring Marine Access, the vessel day rate is largest single commitment. The more efficient we can make the mobilisation of the vessel the more cost effective the overall operation will become. 

Indeed, if you're looking to speed up the mobilisation activities of deck cargo / containers / WROV and other systems onboard your vessels, why not see how we can help.

See our Specialist Engineering Case Studies

A Christmas Walk to Work

During an installation program for a fixed platform in the North Sea, our client experienced a problem which required “Walk to Work” (W2W) support at very short notice. Despite the client’s request for assistance being received on 22 December, TSG Marine’s extensive experience of W2W and ability to react quickly ensured a vessel was mobilised ready to commence W2W operations in just over two weeks.

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Two Gangways, One Vessel

TSG Marine were approached by a client to assist with a “Walk to Work” (W2W) project. The work scope for which W2W operations were required was essential and therefore maximum connectivity of the W2W gangway was critical. The answer was to fit two W2W gangways to the same vessel; a solution that had not been tried before.

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Adapting to the times and multi-tasking

TSG Marine offered their services to assist a client to provide engineering and project management capabilities converting an anchor handling vessel to a multi-functional support vessel by adding an integrated LARS and ROV.

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