Walk to Work

Walk to Work was pioneered by Shell in Nigeria on the Bonga project in 2004. The project involved installing and commissioning a new FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel). One of our specialists, Allan Syme, was the Marine Lead for the commissioning phase of that project during which there was a requirement for a large increase in the workforce. A vessel called the Edda Fjord was converted (in 12 weeks) to accommodate 450 personnel. Sitting stern to the spread moored FPSO and using a simple gangway system, the Edda Fjord obtained a 95% workability over 11 months on station. The phrase that was coined for this methodology of transferring people from a ship to an offshore worksite was Walk to Work.

Our Approach

Based on the experience of our specialist team, we have devised an approach to Walk to Work projects that we have applied time and time again to help customers get the job done effectively. 

Our approach is based on our belief there are five key elements to a Walk to Work project;

- The Work

- The Asset

- The Vessel

- The Gangway

- The People

What we have encountered over the years is that people focus almost exclusively on the vessel and the gangway - the equipment. While important, they are in fact less than half the picture. We support our customers throughout the entire Walk to Work cycle. We take the time to understand the work to be done on the asset, helping our customers to plan the work to get maximum value from their investment in the Walk to Work element. We assist with equipment selection, ensuring that the equipment procured is best suited to the environmental conditions that will be experienced at the asset(s). We provide the processes and procedures to develop the detailed plans and we also provide vessel based personnel to ensure a seamless integration with the offshore operations. So if you are looking for independent support for your Walk to Work project get in touch. 

Case Studies

Two Vessels One Walk to Work Campaign

In 2012 TSG Marine delivered a “Walk to Work” (W2W) support package to facilitate essential maintenance on two fixed platforms in the North Sea. TSG Marine were engaged early in the planning process and provided project management services throughout the project lifecycle.

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A Christmas Walk to Work

During an installation program for a fixed platform in the North Sea, our client experienced a problem which required “Walk to Work” (W2W) support at very short notice. Despite the client’s request for assistance being received on 22 December, TSG Marine’s extensive experience of W2W and ability to react quickly ensured a vessel was mobilised ready to commence W2W operations in just over two weeks.

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Two Gangways, One Vessel

TSG Marine were approached by a client to assist with a “Walk to Work” (W2W) project. The work scope for which W2W operations were required was essential and therefore maximum connectivity of the W2W gangway was critical. The answer was to fit two W2W gangways to the same vessel; a solution that had not been tried before.

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